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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 9, 2017 3:29am-4:01am EDT

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so far for your wall near us here live on our international from moscow we are going about often our own. people. and it always gives you know you go into are you going to church or those are the you know mr world that it's going. to go in another place so i threw that into the term that the that the little you have. to go to war if you will your view of it is to believe all of these books the glad i. got burned out on the number that i can relate to the other take
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a look. at all of my got up out of the local one down in washington of course the state of the impulse you know you know that we're not going to stumble ruin of the we're going to shoot me in the least to use a little is. he or. she will become worthless. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it
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was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one. i speak to you now as there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its make. a low in welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle russia gate continues unabated without any hard facts to back it up will catalonia take
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the next step and declare independence also will trump be called a deal breaker when it comes to a red. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guests here in moscow exhibit a morrow is the founder of the center for political strategic analysis struck paul we also have victrola levitch he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have to me. he's a political analyst we spoke nick international originally cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime and and i always appreciate gentlemen the senate foreign intelligence committee came out big press conference. no evidence of the trump campaigning campaign colluding with the russians in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but that's not going to stop them there are going to continue we also have twitter google and facebook coming up with their number
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crunching scant evidence at best in meaning even less ok nonetheless where you work where i work sitting in this chair. freedom of speech in the united states is under threat scrutiny can r t are being threatened it's amazing we're kingmakers actually you know it's amazing what one hundred thousand dollars can buy for you in the united states you can buy the presidency for one hundred thousand dollars now to remind me all of you know austin polis you know same we're going to require from you one million dollars so vote for one hundred thousand dollars you're going to buy american election but you know if they can think seriously they . foreign agents registration act to media to media in general is astounding because for five years the u.s. media and the media of the european union have been the one blasting the russian government you know and the russian duma for introducing. the wall into the russian legislation well the russian the russian government never targeted media
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organizations based on that the war there are problems with organizations that morning at that elections or n.g.o.s following geos forces you know to morning to them in their only interest there were problems with companies that were accused of supporting supporting terrorist supporting. midterms but new york the single dime they did i really didn't really want to i don't really think that the foreign agents acting united states foreign the russian equant is essentially a translation it's broadly the same thing here gentlemen we've talked a lot about russia gate no evidence for me it's laboring over it because why talk about something when there's no facts but i think what's really different go to here and what i think is in play is something much bigger and i think much more nefarious you use the alleged collusion you bring in the russians you bring in
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our t. bring in sputnik but what this is. leading to the rabbit hole they want to go down is attacking the internet and freedom of speech and they're taking it all together it's a new matrix right now i very worry about the future of freedom of speech because the five near monopoly companies media companies united states with the on wall street journal the washington post there with the rest of them c.n.n. they want their monopoly back and you know what with the political force behind them in washington they might get some success in that area i'm very worried about and they really aren't see sputnik are just the beginning because if you look at the big picture until now you could go to russia you could see here now you could see you are going to you could see other channels radio stations broadcasting in the u.s. you could see here on the cheney station you could hear a. number of other foreign broadcasters now if this if the american government
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succeeds with their attempt to shut down our sputnik in the united states what are they going to be tempted to do next if the if washington if the washington establishment decides that oh that cheney is there's a story that the year telling the american people the news that they're broadcasting be there and that that kind of union you know what are we going to do next we're going to shut down then that it's a patriotism. litmus test right now if you are willing to toe the line here i mean one of the things i've noticed growing up as an american in america. there's never any foreign media around you know there's a lot of foreign media because i would say is because the meat in the. media monopolies that are existing and right now people don't trust them that's why they're going somewhere else again i will ask the question of our viewers write to
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me if you've ever been forced to click on an r t one click please i'd like to know those circumstances that's. point because it's impossible to shut down internet so even if they want to shut down on sputnik it will be possible to go around to two to get to get internet to get ahti on these clothes then it will be an addition to be a trader on the contrary in my opinion it's counterproductive because it is a do that they will grant that they would grant. rebellion town or so and any of you were cities and could see could look at all it is through internet and the problem is in my opinion it is still in the truth as long as five says big prize won't tell the truth people are going to go through internet and i hope they will find ati but they can't find ours were stupid a complaint is to. tunnel or
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a website that's in my opinion is really contra productive because you know a good the double standard in the contradiction here to both of you is that what happened to the marketplace of ideas this is what it really gets down to feel shows how scared they are of the american people getting news from alternative sources they want to determine what picture the american people the american audience gets on every single issue whether it's politics whether it's culture or it's international affairs and they are really scared that the american people are getting something different something they do not want them to see something they do not want them to hear and they're willing to go to this length right to really suppress press freedom in a very open virt way to do not allow the american people to see
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a different story in the bonus for these same people as they get rid of trouble. i think people look at history. wherever you put it there was always a breakdown there was always a different reason why the minister of the not sorry to all just collapsed was because the whole place in a corner me in the media even in the military sphere you know. now ultra liberalism is basically going the same way they are establishing monopolies in in science where you have to speak the language you know otherwise you cannot be a scientist you are not a scientist any more. monopoly in the media very soon there will establish also an economy we're seeing all signs of that and therefore lead to the collapse but one of the problems with monopoly if you could take the soviet union for example is that when you have a monopoly of information what you do is you close yourself off to dissident information contrary information and then you live in
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a loop and you don't understand the condition of his say because this is you know one of the things that when we look at the tragic event victor when the tragic event in las vegas going to learn to read them to let them hear the pleasure of conspiracy theories you know why because there is now an intense distrust of the mainstream media they're not getting the truth exactly that the basically the american people have lost trust in the american media in their mainstream media and that's why every single time there is a sensational you want the american people view it is almost a sure thing where right where they're being lied to about genesis of the event about what happened who is behind it so there. he is he shows the lack of trust and particularly you can people can only when you are in the same applies to europe when you're told about what your condition really is and people look around
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and say but that's not much condition ok i mean what you're telling me you know it's untrue and this is what adds another layer to all of this is because like i. said the media in the political stablish we are living in this loop and it's really neat luzhin because a lot of people look around and say this isn't my reality that you're telling me it is and for instance if you take. what the u.s. may just talking about. the situation in russia in the in one year you will be many supporters coming from all the countries in the world and they will see what is most kono for instance and so this is the reason why i think it won't work it would be a shame for us it isn't of course but it won't work you can a. new ukraine's or try to block. twenty four ok so even on the ground most of the grandfather the know how to get through to the pm and he will get to twenty four on the internet so in my opinion last movement
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of this period. we are going to write a thing is that how for that to happen diem is that i think you are going to have to see the break up of the near monopolies of like google for example and facebook because they're in cahoots with this all along and he doesn't fly promotion to the silicon valley and say i need numbers i need needs ok and that's exactly what we saw happen to facebook you're right there and there but the story with facebook reminds me all of that story between william and he is illustrated in cuba you give me the pictures i give you of the war you know i think it's largely symbolic it was always got these great you know. what it's very similar to what happened in ukraine they're now borke in russian television and radio using that all the soviet german . and some of them have been you know have been dismantled beyond repair so the ukrainian government is now well maintained this fact you know these excellent machines we create of them but i would go further you know we have to get i think more you critics would have. said well it's too bad there are no.
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sheens in the soviet then. find a way to walk the most but i think it's more than just fake it's also fake science because when you have a monopoly of a certain ideology in science in the soviet union there was scientific that was the whole science you would become a doctor of scientific the probable so that no one so-called works you know because it's the same story you know with nations. that they say you know being a space when we don't want to see we have nation building here after a short break we'll continue our discussion on some real authority. europe has to either change or cease to exist people who work in this building had
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quarters should change the rules of the european union would have to work on fewer issues both with better results we should be paying more attention to protecting external borders fighting against curbing illegal immigration as well as harmonizing economic policies and judicial systems otherwise the europe we have today. would transformed into a strange loose community of twenty seven countries with nothing in common. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. perforations washington washington media. the. voters elected to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people
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living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution. someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. welcome
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back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok examine this go to catalonia i mean we have a crisis of legitimacy crisis of optics crisis of politics crisis of identity. in brussels never helps. where is this going because it seems like. the unmandated illegal say what it is referendum that was held that we could go the ensuing violence was absolutely unnecessary the optics for the madrid government was awful for a great deal of the bureaucracy in brussels at the optics were all full. have the cattle in madrid and brussels boxed themselves into corners now i think it. quite optimistic for this crisis because the result of the recount them is not
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good because it was all for the proposition we didn't come so it's meant because it's what it was not illegal so they didn't come and ask for their pollution and. vote for independence so it's not an us you can start an independence process was only fifty percent of the book put it in with you you know if so you know we threw things i think is really into and i said this earlier on cross that we did a program on it is that. the referendum process was illegal under the spanish constitution however it did happen and i think i would think what's the most regrettable thing is it did lead the need that they should have allowed people to vote because exactly it is absolutely right is that we there is a significant it least minority maybe it's closer to i would like to know what their opinion in two thousand and fifteen there were some original election and the least want this election so i couldn't agree more that they could have tried this
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is again like forced regime change this is what i see happening look there are a number of aspects so forty two percent voted of the population of catalonia voted in this referendum ninety percent over the two person has ninety percent of the forty two percent voted for independence but one has to look at the fact that we need polling stations were full forcibly shut down by the spanish police and it wasn't just the fuel it was almost half and if you consider the fact that almost half were shut down and people are now allowed to vote and also the fact that the referendum was. billed as ego which also the people didn't want to go and have fights with police to get in one would think about how it would have go in the field for these people went in so the spanish government made a few mistakes first of all. threatening catalonia with taking away its autonomy in
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response to the surf around them is not worth wasting it was not a bit of a smart mean or threatening to arrest seven hundred mayors referring to dish it shows how scared they were but there's another aspect to this look at the double standards of the european union of course of all look at what happened in court so we're we're. offering them there was you know really there was no equipment from the government in belgrade and the dialogue no dialogue and the e.u. in the us just forced course it was independence and then recognized corso as an independent state so what what do we see here a complete clean clear double standard where in those countries that the west european union brussels and washington want to destroy the countries they want to weaken they recognize but but in catalonia no it's interesting david you know one man one vote wants ok and this is what's happening within the european union
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the way i see it i think the european union has handled it very badly but that's what they usually do well i would say that the reaction of the russian government was quite right you know we do not decide the spaniards and they could the warnings have to decide it themselves no one can decide it better than themselves but there is an actor in this game which is important that is the european union and russia is not true to that because the european union is leading an economic war against russia much more than the united states the european union was violent hundred billion dollars in that war according to un estimates russia was fifty five billion dollars so the way they handled the whole situation is terrible because they promised they have. the future europe will be like the story and you can you hear people you know forget about ethnic issues national issues thanks to the european union everyone is going to be happy they. didn't happen now they don't even apologize they don't they didn't do
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a single effort to mediate between let's play if you please you know and i'm glad you said that because i've seen the scene the future in it failed here exactly. don't you think that you know what happened here is that brussels has proven itself not to be an honest broker and i think this is. evidently it's evident for everyone involved in my opinion i don't know what to do because on one side spain is a. member of the union so it's a start to organize the parties i'm inside the spain what we think all the other country and there is many in europe where there is some territory you know if you're we expect relations so. and you know it was a science that's what they want because the europe. it's a dream no money just region so there are benefits in the choice but in my opinion they will because of what happened in ukraine because of what happened. in anyone prefer to deal with what they knew with with
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a no and with the no it's nation so in my opinion your permission it's like full circle we knew that in the beginning you know we do that list or if you remember when when they were at the time when that they were if it was a referendum in england the european union supported london and saw. the referendum was won by the royalist and in my opinion it would be more modern is the same i couldn't agree more that. government handled it yes but then as a side again we don't know which would happen but the fact is in two thousand and fifteen there were some local election and the loyalist one. and i want to talk about the calm before the storm one more comment one should come out here so happened when they were afraid and when the british voted for. that if you member what they said oh well even leaving the you there for scotland may leave
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you key to join the e.u. and i now then i'm not you know they're playing the opposite spade we're saying oh do you want to leave spleen then we want to have to join the e.u. but you're going to. talk to the scottish people when we're still a member because when they refer them. scotland was still a member. of the opinion so there's a message from the european was very clear if you leave it you will leave us with the european union and. i didn't conquer what organizers this british government know and it's in my opinion it's more clever it's a. transfer of the banks of the business from other to if you're going to need somebody hit they don't know it because. independence independent is what they want. you know they don't want. to pay
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any more i think. they wanted a better deal from madrid and they got what they wished for and i was going i want to talk about. within a week or so adult trump will give us his decision rather to decertify the rand nucular deal he told us the calm before the storm here it's just around the president says ok was it in their opinion it wasn't the greatest evil but it's ideal nonetheless i think it's the only foreign policy achievement of the obama administration maybe that's exactly why he wants to tear it down because it's an obama agreement that it's in play here well i mean to get in there with a bomb trump has messed up everything you know thinks they're good probably partially right the improvement of relations with cuba and the iranian deal. drom present won't go on do it completely in the rudest possible trips you know they're
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equal fifteen american diplomats from cuba because they've had some acoustic problems i think that and the way that we hear a lot of people blame that on russia if you go to social media but well i mean we always get played in your mind leave it in the new york seat there might say that he is under. twenty four hours. you know what's in play here because i know it's an international agreement and the only concedes it downside for the us visa v. north korea you know there was koreans are saying aha see you can't keep your side of the agreement the if you like it or not the iran's nuclear deal was probably the most important nonproliferation deal ever meet under that regime and frankly these words and actions put on part of the least surprising part of his presidency so far because if you listened to him speak before the election campaign during the election campaign after the election campaign he has. again and again stated his
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dislike for the euro and did he said if you just push why you never give us the details why there's a bad season there are several reasons one of these in is that the have to be honest that i'm putting the station is very closely aligned with these really lobby and his son in law is very closely aligned with these very lobby and of course israel has been pushing for this against the iran deal ever since it was in the works for opec dressed the united nations general assembly i have the distinct feeling that that part was written by bibi netanyahu he was certainly he was certainly the only one who was through we had a bunch of your dear yes so that's one reason there's another reason almost you know the national security establishment has been picked by top whether it's might be the kind of the cia and. there are rumors now that he may be policing tillerson
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in the next few months at the. state department and whether it's james mattis the kind of the pentagon some others even some of those who are single let's not get out there right away but every almost every single member of the national security team is iran a cork you know it's not necessarily but not necessarily against this deal the want they want to do. difference between them is not so much that they're not against this deal or for it but to get out of it she is somebody who is pretty straightforward he wants to just live with what he was going to bring i mean but essentially what i think is going to happen it will unfold over the next week is that he's going to try to find a way to make the uranium walk away from the agreement which will be very hard to do you may through congress you may not get what he hopes for will definitely be talking about this topic next week gentlemen many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to your viewers for watching us here argue see you next time
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remember. and you know we guess yeah you know until you tell him to. go in another. your or your. mom got up out of the. remember the strong room
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of the broom through move. become worse police. seem wrong all just all. get to shape our. cars get the ticket and engagement equals betrayal.
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once on find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. headline. in syria. on the program. hundreds of. units the. speech to. the u.s. for.


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